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Twitter Heart Beat Project

Akiduki Pulse is a Twitter account updater device using your heartbeat. This open source electronic project build by koress. The project will detect changes in fingertip blood flow by high-performance Reflective photo sensor photoreflector) RPR-220 from Rohm and process it … Continue reading

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AVR LCD Touchscreen

You should now that many techie deviece using touch screen to interacts with user. You can see at cellphone, PC tablet, PDA and more. But, Controlling LCD touchscreen using microcontroller AVR? is it possible? well, you can do that. this … Continue reading

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PIC Logic Analyzer

If you need simple Logic Analyzer for your electronic project? Well, check this PIC Logic Analyzer. The project contain 2 parts : The PIC18F252 board has function as capture device and PC to display the result. There are two variants: … Continue reading

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AVR Wireless Flash Trigger

The SPOT (strobist-project-opensource-trigger)is a remote flash trigger radio transceiver. It lets you adjust and trigger off-camera flashes remotely. via microcontroller project

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