Digital Compass Project Using GPS

GPS Digital Compass PIC Project

This digital compass built based on MEA-0183 data from a GPS receiver and PIC16F628. The direction indicator displayed on eight-point LED with radial pattern every 45°. To use the compass, user need to apply power to the GPS and to the display. After the GPS initializes, the display should show heading by illuminating one of the eight LEDs.



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GPS Navigator with Auditory Guidance

Self Guide Navigation

This ATmega32-based GPS navigator allows a user to navigate to a predefined location via auditory guidance. It will generate sound based on the direction that the user must turn in order to face the correct direction. The project consist of GPS, digital compass, and MCU ATmega32. If you want to make a self guided tours navigator then this project could be your start project.

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Arduino Base Line Follower Robot

Line follower is famous basic robotic project. You can use logic gate IC or microcontroller to handle the sensor. But, I prefer MCU for easy control. If you want to learn build robot that can follow a dark line on a light background, check out arduino line follower by DuFFxP93.

line follower robot

The robot uses an Arduino Duemillanove with the AVR ATMega 328 as main processor. Two Parallax Futaba Continuous Rotation Servos are used as driving force. While the sensor uses Pololu QTR-6A IR Reflectance Sensor Array. As power source the project is equipped with 4 rechargeable NiMH Duracell AA Batteries.

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Simple NiCad battery charger

Nicad Battery

If you want to build Battery charger but you don’t have any knowledge mcu programming then this project is for you. This NiCad battery charger project only use IC MAX713 from maxim to control the charge and discharge battery. It will control the fast charge time and monitor the cell voltage. The project can charges a battery approximately 80% charge in 22 minutes at a current of 2.4 Amps (pretty fast.. 😉 ). Once the fast charging has ended, it trickle charges the battery.

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