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PRO3000 Tone & Probe Kit

PRO3000 Tone is tool that can help you to trace control circuits of machinery and equipment in industrial environment, most of which does not have a circuit print or circuit log. It is an invaluable aid for this purpose. The … Continue reading

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LEDactus Display Project

If you like LED Display project and looking something unique and fun? If so, check out LEDactus project. LEDactus is LED display project based on PIC microcontroller 18F1320 that looks like cactus. LEDactus is immobile and attempts to survive by … Continue reading

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Twitter Heart Beat Project

Akiduki Pulse is a Twitter account updater device using your heartbeat. This open source electronic project build by koress. The project will detect changes in fingertip blood flow by high-performance Reflective photo sensor photoreflector) RPR-220 from Rohm and process it … Continue reading

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Electronic Kits Store

While browsing I found new electronic online store for hobbysit or student. You can find various electronic kits for your need. If you are new to electronics you can buy elctronic project lab for your experiment. For more detail you … Continue reading

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