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AVR Color to Sound

This project can ‘read’ RGB surface and then speaks the color or plays a musical tone at the sound frequency mapped to the color. You can choose different instrument sounds like harp, retro, and violin. Main hadware of the project … Continue reading

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Digital Compass Project Using GPS

This digital compass built based on MEA-0183 data from a GPS receiver and PIC16F628. The direction indicator displayed on eight-point LED with radial pattern every 45°. To use the compass, user need to apply power to the GPS and to … Continue reading

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Simple NiCad battery charger

If you want to build Battery charger but you don’t have any knowledge mcu programming then this project is for you. This NiCad battery charger project only use IC MAX713 from maxim to control the charge and discharge battery. It … Continue reading

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Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer

The aim of the project is to build AVR based video board that can be used to generate simple graphics on an NTSC television. You can make a complete 1-D cellular automata demonstration by adding 3 pots and a button. … Continue reading

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