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GPS Navigator with Auditory Guidance

This ATmega32-based GPS navigator allows a user to navigate to a predefined location via auditory guidance. It will generate sound based on the direction that the user must turn in order to face the correct direction. The project consist of … Continue reading

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2.4GHz Spectrum Analyzer Project

The project allows you to monitor the 2.4GHZ ISM band in your immediate vicinity. You can monitor what’s going on and figure out what channel to change your Wi-Fi network to in order for it to keep working when your … Continue reading

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LEDactus Display Project

If you like LED Display project and looking something unique and fun? If so, check out LEDactus project. LEDactus is LED display project based on PIC microcontroller 18F1320 that looks like cactus. LEDactus is immobile and attempts to survive by … Continue reading

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AVR LCD Touchscreen

You should now that many techie deviece using touch screen to interacts with user. You can see at cellphone, PC tablet, PDA and more. But, Controlling LCD touchscreen using microcontroller AVR? is it possible? well, you can do that. this … Continue reading

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