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Low Cost Auto Range L C F ESR Meter

If you want to build a low cost LCF ESR meter then LCFesR meter by dr. Le Hung is great project for it. LCFesR meter is a precise, autorange meter for measuring inductivity (L), capacity (C), frequency (F) and equivalent … Continue reading

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Arduino Infrared Thermometer

Sometimes conventional thermometer can’t be used to measure high temperature in steel manufacture. It’s not safe for human stand up near to melted steel. Thus, infrared thermometer is used for that situation. If you want make your own infrared thermometer, … Continue reading

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Free PC Oscilloscope

If you want to analyze electronics waveform you need an Oscilloscope. Unfortunately, the price for good scope is too expesive. There are good enough solution for this, you can try use PC based Oscilloscope like visual analyser. The scope uses … Continue reading

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Electrical Tester with Open Jaw Current

The Fluke T5 Electrical Testers allow you to check-Voltage, continuity and current with one compact tool. All you have to do is select-Volt, ohms or current and the tester does the rest. Open Jaw current lets you check current up … Continue reading

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