PRO3000 Tone & Probe Kit


PRO3000 Tone is tool that can help you to trace control circuits of machinery and equipment in industrial environment, most of which does not have a circuit print or circuit log. It is an invaluable aid for this purpose. The advantage it gives, over conventional continuity testers, is:

  1. The ability to trace a circuit through one of several conduits so you don’t end up opening 10 different junction boxes to find out if the circuit I’m looking for is in here.
  2. You can trace circuits without assistance, and usually faster than using conventional methods with two people.
  3. You able to locate a severed conductor inside the conduit run. The only disadvantage found with this tool is it gets lonley in the tool box and goes looking for human attention, therefore when You go to get it you have to search and usually find it in the hands of one of the other five technicians in our facility.
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